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Wrap it well it will sell

Our Products

Take a look at our offer of products that we have. We hope that our big selection of products and services will result in long-term partnership.

  • knurling aluminium laminated films and preparing paper for food industry (sweets, stock cubes)
  • anti-static packagings for electrical devices – such packagings are created using materials like Nylon + Aluminium + PE
  • production of multi-layer laminated films (two and three layered)
  • laminating paper with aluminium film and plastic films (maximum width of 1300 millimeters)
  • techniques of two-component, solvent-free film laminating i.e. OPP/PET, PET/AL/PE
  • laminating all kind of films and aluminium with paper, using techniques of hot one-component laminating (maximum width of 1300 millimeters)
  • cutting alongside packaging materials for printing and more (maximum width of 1400 millimeters, winding/unwinding ø of 1000 millimeters)
  • paraffin of paper one-sided or duplex
  • gluing technique of Cold Seal

Food and drinks

  • different kinds of films used in packaging things like ice, frozen food, bread, cookies, chocolate bars, etc.
  • laminated packagings for things like crisps, snacks
  • packagings for different kinds of foods – coffee, delicacies, meat
  • packagings for sweets, including candies
  • labels
  • paraffin paper (pad for candies)

Hygiene products

  • packagings for disposable baby diapers, with or without handle
  • packagings for women hygiene products in form of prefabricated handbags or rolls
  • packagings for disposable sanitary
  • packagings films for different kinds of hygiene products


  • cold sealed or low temperature sealed packagings for washing tablets
  • multi-layer films for washing powder
  • bags with different ways of opening


  • barrier packagings for wet hygienic tissues
  • laminate films with barrier layer for packing cosmetic and fat products
  • printed packagings with PET film


  • barrier laminate film

Products for pets and gardening

  • packagings for gardening products
  • multi-layer films for dry and moistured food for pets, delivered in rolls
  • packagings for artificial fertilizers