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Wrap paper

Paper used for sweets and confectionery packaging, epecially of fudge type.

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Laminated films

Laminated film is composed of various types of foil also including paper, two or three layered, used as a base component of bag production.

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Doypack pouch.

Dopack pouch with see-through window made of paper, poliester and polietylen laminated film.

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Side gusset bag with laser-cut see-through window.

Side gusset bag with custom-made laser-cut see-through window.

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Baguette packaging.

Packaging made of paper and polipropylen laminated film + perforation which makes it easy to open and enjoy your baguette.

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Blockbottom bag with see-through window.

Blockbottom bag with see-through window and side gusset is ideal for manual or automatic packaging of a variety of food products, such as: cookies, sandwiches or pasta.

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Phone: +48 95 728 11 79

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