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About us

ThumbnailOur company was created in 2011 as a reaction to the growing customer demand for high quality packaging. Many years of experience of our team in printing and designing packages reflects the scores of happy clients and hundreds of profesionally realised projetcs. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of flexible packaging, by-products for packaging production and laminated films - from idea, through realisation to the final product. We help to design your packaging as well as select the right materials for your project.

We are located in Wawrów village near Gorzów Wielkopolski in Lubuskie voivodeship. Over the years of our activity we have earned the trust of clients in both the country and abroad. 


We boast to be to the only producer of selective laminated films in Poland. Packagings made from our laminates have built-in windows. Technological solutions we apply to our products have become an example to follow for the competition both inside and outside the country.

The trust of our clients we earn through:

  • offering exceptionally high quality products,
  • guaranteeing durability of our packages,
  • fast realisation of your orders,
  • constant communication with the client during the realisation of his order, from the project to the final product,
  • undertaking huge and smaller projects,
  • professional consulting in the field of our products and services,
  • guaranteeing competitive prices,


Grupa Pakum Sp. z o. o. specializes in production of laminated films and packagings. The experience of our team guarantees professional realization your orders. High quality of our products as well as reliability and commitment of our workers is mirrored by our long-term and lasting relationship with our clients.