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Within the scope of our activity we make products and provide services as follows. We hope you will find the solutions you are looking for. Due to the variety of our possibilities we count on etablishing a long-lasting partneship with you.

Please be welcome to see the following:

  • knurling aluminium laminates and manufacturing paper for food industry (sweets, stock cubes)
  • anti-static packagings for electrical devices made with Nylon + Aluminium + PE
  • production of multi-layer laminated films (two and three layered)
  • laminating paper with aluminium and plastic films (width up to 1300 millimeters)
  • techniques of two-component, solvent-free film laminating i.e. OPP/PET, PET/AL/PE
  • laminating all types of films as well as aluminium with paper, using techniques of hot one-component laminating (width up to 1300 millimeters)
  • longitidunal cutting of packaging materials for printing and other purposes (width up to 1400 millimeters, winding/unwinding u00f8 up to 1000 millimeters)
  • double or one sided paper parrafin
  • Cold Seal gluing
  • Custom printing laminated films with flexographic method.

Food and drinks

  • variety of films for packaging production for ice-creams, frosts, bread, cookies, chocolate bars, etc.
  • laminated packagings for dry food, such as: crisps, snacks, etc.

Hygiene products

  • packagings for disposable baby diapers, with variety of handle solutions or no handle
  • packagings for women hygiene products in a form of prefabricated pouches or rolls
  • packagings for disposable sanitary pads
  • packagings films for other hygiene products

Detergents and cleaning agents

  • cold sealed or low temperature sealed packagings for washing tablets
  • multi-layer films for washing powder
  • pouches with different opening solutions


  • barrier packagings for absorbtive sanitary tissues
  • laminate films with barrier layer for cosmetics and fat products packaging
  • PET printed packagings


  • barrier laminate film

Pet care and gardening products

  • packagings for gardening products
  • multi-layer films for dry and wet pet food, shipped in rolls
  • packagings for artificial fertilizers
  • packagings for different types of food: coffee, cheese products, meat, etc.
  • confectionery packagings for sweets, pralines, etc
  • labels
  • paraffin paper (pad for candies)