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Side gusset bag with laser-cut see-through window.

As the only such company in Poland we laser cut out windows in our bags. Therefore we can make them in more complex shapes and sizes than using the usual method.

Our bag is made of paper and foil laminate which can be produced using different thinkness and size of materials. We can also make our bags using paper and cellofan laminate which makes the whole product fully biodegradable.

Ideal for:

  • coffee, spices,
  • nuts, delicacies,
  • artificial fertilisers, etc.

Image: 2018-02/1517832290_laser.jpg
Image: 2018-02/1517832305_img-1080.jpg
Image: 2018-02/img-1087.jpg
Image: 2018-02/img-1089.jpg